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First goal is to build a Louisiana Czech Museum that will present the History of the people in Libuse and Kolin first; Czech-Americans, second; and the Czech people and lands in general, third. We will do this through an impressive, interactive and educational museum setting where visitors will go away with not only an appreciation of our lives and works but having learned a little about the Czech people and what we do.

Second goal is to ensure the financial stability of the Museum to enable its set up, its expansion, its continued operation and its future for the next 100 (one hundred) years. We need to build an endowment for the museum so that it has a steady income from interest on the endowment. In addition, we need to carefully build the gift shop into a business that will bring a steady income to operate the museum -- and make money for us.

Our Last goal is to make sure that the project runs smoothly from the beginning, with little need for changes in rules, policies or practices and to do this by adopting nearly word for word, act for act, the tried and true methods of successful museums here in Louisiana. There are nearly 250 museums that we can borrow ideas and practices from.

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