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During the Hungarian and German oppression, and struggle for freedom, large numbers of Czechoslovakians and Moravians sought to escape the economic distress and to avail themselves of opportunities for a better life in the New World imigrated to the United States of America. They sought peace, freedom, and security.

The Czech settlers clung together and held meetings where they shared their happiness in this world and also their sorrow in their inability to have a Czech village of their own. The editor of the Hospodar attended one of the meetings and subsequently an ad was placed in the Hospodar for any Czech settler interested in purchasing land to form a Czech village. A plot of land was purchased in central Louisiana, about 8 miles from the town of Alexandria. From 1912 to 1914 about 200 families purchased land to establish a Czech village. The land was purchased in 2 large plots, one being Libuse, the town for the Czech community and Kolin, the farming community. This was how the first large Czech community was established. Libuse was named after the Queen Libuse and Kolin probably orginiated from the song "Koline, Koline" which was about the town of Kolin 40 miles east of Prague.

Present Day - Kolin Hall

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